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This is where my writing related work can be found

Writing has always been one of my greatest strengths. For whatever reason, I was gifted with an inordinate ability to express myself in a multitude of ways, both logically as well as creatively - through writing. My goal has always been to uplift people in powerful ways through my words and I inject that Spirit into every letter, sentence, phrase and idea. In this section of my website, you'll find Blogs, Essays, Research Papers and other forms of my writing that will express the foundation of my entire purpose and mission through the English Langauge. It's my hope and intention that you'll take in every piece of writing, absorb it and allow it to raise your consciousness in all of the ways necessary for your evolution - that's my primary goal as a writer.

Research Papers, Essays, School Work and Poems- 

*This is where my writing can be found. Aside from music, writing has always been my most prominent skill. I have a natual affinity for writing whether it be creative writing, writing research papers/essays, blogs or anything else involving writing and the English langauge.


These are blogs I write to give you guys a glimpse into my life a little more on a personal level through my writing.

Recent Posts


Why should you download my music and support me? Simple, because:


- My music is ahead of its time. My ideas, wisdom and intelligence are unmatched by other artists. There are some artists in the Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, and Pop fields that may claim or try to act like they're on my level in these ways, but they're so far from it, it's insane.

- I'm one of the very few great artists who actually cares about other people and the world/planet in a genuine way despite being hated, discriminated against, neglected, ignored and shut down by many all throughout my life. This type of adversity and hatred corrupts a lot of artists, but not #Kaizer.

- I educate through my lyrics, writing, rapping, singing, words and etc in deep and profound ways. Most rappers and singers don't do this anymore whatsoever. It's all about narcissism, money, women and material things to them all day everyday. I love money and women and everything (trust me haha) but I stay focused on my life purpose and what I call God first and foremost. That's respectable and something you can appreciate deeply. I'm not just looking out for myself and my life. I care about you, too.

- My intelligence, social skills and raw lion-like will enables me to formulate people and resources together in powerful ways, giving me the ability to do things that other people consider impossible (like graduating from an Audio Engineering and Music Producing school in NYC while living with abusive parents and being abused by them with a 3.7 gpa after having just been homeless for 6-7 months and living in abusive, toxic homeless shelters for a year and a half where I was abused by both shelter staff and residents). What this means is I have the raw ability to completely change the world in practical ways despite the obvious adversities and challenges that come with trying. I'm someone you can bet is really doing this. I'm literally ACTUALLY changing the world.

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