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College Essay

This is an essay I wrote for my High School English class in February, 2010. The essay was supposed to be a hypothetical plea to college, convincing them as to why they should accept me. Although the essay is a hypothetical plea, I wrote based on true experiences as if I was really asking a college to accept me into their school.

Kaizer Hossain Ms. Hyde

College Essay

There are a countless number of things I could use to compliment myself with; like telling you how resilient I am when it comes to falling and picking myself back up through even the darkest of times. Or perhaps I could tell you about my many successes in life and school. Maybe I could even tell you about my amazing struggles along the way. However, telling you all of those things wouldn’t (not even to the slightest degree) give you an idea of who I truly am and where I really come from. My name is Kaizer Hossain, and I was born in Queens, New York. I currently live in Long Island City with my dad, step mom, step brother, and grandmother. I lived with my mom up until the age of 6, where she moved away and became a passive part of my life until years to come. My dad, my three aunts, and uncle took care of me afterwards. In school, I’ve had my rises and I’ve faced my falls. I’ve had an unbelievable amount of obstacles I’ve had to face over the years, but I’ve eovercome them all. The reason I deserve to go to this college has nothing to do with my life story, or even the grades I’ve earned. It has everything to do with who I am and what I’m capable of. Although I’ve seen the gates of hell and watched the devil himself spew fire at me in mockery, I’ve surely made it back to heaven where I belong. When it comes to putting my mind to something, I can absolutely promise you that I can do anything I wish. I have this remarkable ability to make anything I want come to my possession. Perhaps it’s just an incredible urge of passion and motivation that gives me the undeniable strength to conquer anything and everything in my path. Perhaps it’s the fear of becoming the very thing I promised myself I’d never be. However one thing is for sure; I can build mountains and cities with it. The one and only thing I’ve ever wanted from this life was to become something. I strive to be happy and live in success. For most of my life all I ever had was fear and confusion. I may have seemed happy to everyone else, but inside I was dying inside to find something to believe in. Now that I’m older, I’ve finally found that it’s myself I have to believe in. And that’s what keeps me from falling and never getting back up. If you accept me, I can solemnly swear that I will do everything in my power to make a difference in this world. You won’t ever for a second regret believing in me. Because I believe in myself more than anything and that’s what gives me the power to do anything. Before I rule the world, is it this college that accepted me when nobody else did? The decision is obvious.



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