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Below are photos I took and mostly edited through Instagram or other apps/programs. These photos are a part of the art that I'm creating to inspire, educate and uplift people. I want to entice people's minds, imaginations, and spirits, and allow them to think and see things in greater ways they never thought of before. All photos are 100% by me and are free for download. #NewRenaissanceEra


through music, art, style, fashion, words - things we experience and embrace everyday.


Imagine having a pencil that could turn your dreams you write on paper into reality immediately, right in front of your eyes. Everything about my music, art, style is not just ordinary - it incites the growth and expansion of your mind and spirit.

don't give up

I've always been fascinated by other worlds. I have a very wild imagination and I love seeing things in unique, otherwordly perspectives. I project this into my art so that other people can experience the worlds and dimensions that I experience. I'm the type of person who can look at something simple, but see a complex universe, construct or idea in vastly great ways. How deeply can I entice, inspire, motivate and intrigue you by sharing with you my inner vision of beauty, wonder and awe that shoots beyond the stars? That's what I ask myself everytime I take and edit a photo. Why would you want this experience? Because you deserve more excitement, hope and sight for beauty and the magic of life in YOUR world. Open up your mind and see through the fine designs of light on a planet that defines the divine...  #Kaizer

What if my art could heal and rewind pain for a split second in time?..

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