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Who is Kaizer?

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Kaizer is a 29 year old empath (a person able to highly sense, pick up on and internalize other people's emotions, energy, etc and who have more mirror neurons in their brain) musician, rapper, singer-songwriter, recording artist, artist, audio engineer, music producer, entertainer, performer, aspiring actor and entrepreneur from Long Island City, New York (Queens). Kaizer is very spiritual and uses his empathic and spiritual abilities and understanding within his music, art and work in order to inspire and educate people all over the world in a massive way. Kaizer is also an Indigo/Starseed (a person who reincarnated on Earth from another dimension/planet).

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Kaizer is of Irish, English, French and German ancestry from his mother's side (mostly English and Irish/British) and is of Bengali ancestry from his father's side (making Kaizer interracial). Kaizer's grandmother from his mom's side told him that he has Native American and Welsh ancestry as well. From his mother's side, Kaizer's great grandmother was from Ireland and his great grandfather was from England. Kaizer's father was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and used to be a very famous soccer player who played in Mohammedan S.C. in the 1970's (a well-known Soccer club in West Bengal). Kaizer's mother was born in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Having grown up in a very dysfunctional home in New York City and enduring violence, abuse and corruption, Kaizer has always sought to make a positive difference in the world and be a source of light as opposed to the darkness that he was exposed to. That's why he puts his heart and soul; creativity and mind into all of his music, art and work - to be the person to society more often than not society was rarely to him. Kaizer draws inspiration from artists such as Michael Jackson who he grew up listening to and watching since birth. Kaizer also draws inspiration from artists such as Prince, 2Pac, Eminem, Nas and others.

Kaizer at a Sedona Arizona "Vortex", 2014 21 yea

Kaizer's goal is to raise human consciousness (make people more aware of who they are and what they're truly capable of) and uplift society and the Earth in an extremely positive way,  ultimately contributing to a new golden age, where society can be more unified and happy and the Earth cleaner and thriving. Kaizer uses music, art, his style, fashion, his image, his speaking, his writing, singing, rapping and much more as a means of doing this. As Kaizer continues to grow and as his foundation get bigger, he intends to use his money to invest in himself/his endeavors and those of others in order to help usher in the new golden age the best that he can while continuing to make greater and greater shifts in the world. Follow, support and donate to Kaizer on social media (and everywhere else) the best you can and help become a part of the new golden age. #2022WeDidIt

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Kaizer in Times Square, Manhattan January 2017

More awareness = Growth = Success/Living your dreams.

Growth is a neccesity in order to be successful and live your dreams in this life; ask any expert self-development teacher like Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, etcetc, they'll straight up tell you this. There's this thing called the law of entropy, which basically states that if you're not moving forward, you're moving backwards.

Everything I do and create is designed to make you more aware, move forward in life and grow.


Do you wanna keep constantly listening to music that keeps you stagnant and unaligned; slowly withering and unconscious, or do you wanna grow?

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