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Guess Who's Back? (To Attack)

Yo wassup. It's been a while. Guess who's back to attack with plasma on ya ass faster than flash? I'm gonna make this a short blog. A lot has happened since my last blog. I went thru a lot of shit which is why I was gone for so long. I was battling to get out of the shelter system in NYC and had to fight to stay on top of my shit as an artist and everything at the same time. I'm doing okay now and managed to get myself into a school in lower Manhattan for audio engineering and music production which is what I've been trying to do since like 2014. So I'm just trying to stay focused and do what I sought out to within my foundation #KaizerHazard since I started rapping and everything. Shout out to everybody who stuck with me throughout all of this. Life can get hectic

But you gotta persevere and resist staying affected by the tec 9 the black slime presses up against ya neck kid;

you don't stop. #KaizerHazardRhymes

I finally bought a domain so this site is straight up now. I created a lil Demo EP to stay relevant despite all my battles #BeforeITurn26... (check it out it's on the website and also on DatPIff) and I made a lot of other strides as well. Just wanted to keep you guys updated those of you who are rocking with me and the foundation and let you know I appreciate you as always. I never stay down. My resiliency is unparalleled and those who really know me will tell you. Please subscribe to my website because I'm gonna start sending out dope emails to my subscribers too to keep you linked to the movement and foundation. I love you all. Let's continue to fuck this game up and steer it towards more light. #2019 #TheYearLightOverpowersDarkness

This is our world. #KaizerHazardPhotography 2019 Kaizer Hazard Photography. All Rights Reserved.
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