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The Resistance

What's good. The resistance. Oh. I know you feel this resistance - Kaizer World, Team Kaizer, New York City. I know you see it. I wrote this post just for the resistance. Hi, I see you, and we can't be stopped.

Shout out DJ Khaled, they mad, tell me not, yo. Keep that hustle game high, up, up, in the sky. #SpecialClothAlert.

To my fans, my supporters, we gotchu. We appreciate you. You special. *DJ Khaled voice*

Nah, lol, but yo. I love you. I love all of you. I love Team Kaizer. I love the resistance, cuz you continue to give me strength which grows in infinite directions. You're necessary, so thank you.

Team Kaizer World, we're breaking through... The Resistance.

Cold New York City streets... So we gotta just give you cold New York City heat. #KaizerHazardPhotography
#KaizerWorld #TeamKaizer

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