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We're Blowin' Up

You heard it right, we're doing it. We're blowing up, flowin' like fluid. Risin' above sewers in NYC, flames scatter in LIC, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and IV's get injected into ya v - e to the i, n - s, lyric gems blessed, best with a lethal vest that implodes and sends me into the cold vibes I rep. Kaizer Hazard rhymes I had to get off my chest..

As we rise, disguise, in rhythmic formation only the wise can reprise. But on the low I give everybody wisdom if you look into my eyes. ...Decipher my rhymes.

Kaizer world, everybody, artists, fans, supporters, listeners, audience - listen carefully. This rise is a great one. Be a part of it. Stay connected with me. Be a part of the movement that's soothin'. We won't stop. You never stop. That's what they said.

I'll keep you updated. Follow me everywhere. Just not in real life. lol

- Kaizer... Hazard.

When I slice ya in the night... New York City vibes. #KaizerHazardPhotography

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