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We're Doing It

I'm back, miss me? How's everybody doing, Kaizer here. Shoutout everyone on the trains that like my trill rhymes and words of encouragement, know that they won't stop. We've been saying for a while now how we've been persevering and pushing through for years and years despite the resistance and opposition. It's hard to say if most people believed in us, but our words couldn't have been any realer irregardless. We were on the rise following our dreams and many people were heartless. We're here and the opposition and resistance is now blatant and obvious; it's surfaced and it can be seen and felt. No one believed me when I said this. People said I was conceited, egotistical, full of myself, confused, delusional, paranoid, etc. But to those who have seen the hate in real life, while speaking these very words I'm presenting to you now, Kaizer World, I want you to know - to see and feel the reality of what I've had in store for you for a while now, with what I'm embodying, both in my actions as an artist, an actor, an entrepreneur and more, and my being, me just being me.

Shoutout to the Music Inn, I finally performed for the first time there and it was an amazing experience. I'm glad I was able to deliver crazy rhymes and connect with people on a realer level. I appreciate and love all of you. As we continue to rise, I want you all to know how much I have in store for you, and how I'm going to continue to be here with you, through the ups and the downs, and I hope you continue to be with me through the ups and the downs as well. That's all I had to say for right now. To everyone on the NY Trains that I talked to about this post, here it is. It's real, and it's just for you. I told you this was real, but I don't just talk to talk, I show you. Peace and love you guys, until next time. Bump my tracks and keep me on your phones so you can always come back to real flows and beyond. Peace.

- Kaizer

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