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Just Be

It's so simple if you just be. One with the rhythm and the beat. Of life and the magic of a bright fire ball and the ice that'll fall like a pike or a shard that'll slice any card that you gamble with of hearts. Or of spades it's a weapon it's a cage. It's encased in the mind. In the body, in the time that exists not with the measure but with this. With the flow. This right here. Follow bliss and let it go. Let it float into the calm. Let it show. Don't suppress the river stream y'know that it glistens with the voice and the sounds in which you listen, let it glow. Abstract visualizations from the dome. from the light of the chrome. Golden blurs of the zone in which a golden hot rush of magnetic sun is absorbed. by the bones. for vitamin drone, get it grown. That's the abbreviation I used cuz it keeps you strong. For the power of bombs and the power of song. Let it be known.

Written April 30th, 2014.

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