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Becoming A Master To Your Disaster

#KaizerStars, thank you for staying connected. Welcome new fans, supporters and listeners. I want you guys to grow. I want you guys to become better. As I grow, I utilize my platform and foundation to better You.

As I continue to make more of the music I always set out to, and become established with my foundation, things continue to piece together in a way that feels right. I know that this is my destiny because I feel it in my soul. My focus is mastery, and I'm achieving that; I'm becoming a master to your disaster when I blast ya with the rhymes, that come from my mind and shine light into the fine structures within your spine; each color speaks to the divine signs, break binds and erase time that never existed.

Persistence... Let's continue to spit this, split this and encrypt this within a line inside my mind... And break resistance.

#KaizerHazardRhymes © 2019 Kaizer Hazard. All Rights Reserved

Kaizer Hazard Photography - Ablaze © 2019 Kaizer Hazard Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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Thank you.

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