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New & Improved

Wuddup #KaizerStars. Just staying up to date with you guys. I updated the website (100% by myself btw; #KaizerHazardEntrepreneur) and am working on some new and improved things for you. I hope you enjoy the art and designs you see. I wanna be able to inspire and motivate you guys artistically and stylistically. I've been working on making leaps since I turned 26 and released that little 'Before I Turn 26...' demo. I wanna get into the habit of making music and releasing it more efficiently and consistently and everything. As an artist I realize things like that are just as important as the music and art itself so I've been growing in that aspect. As an entrepreneur I realize the importance of marketing, branding and networking so I've also been working on and growing in those areas as well.

Although I don't really plan on keeping my artist name as "Kaizer Hazard" and it's more of like an alter-ego for me, I wanna get into the habit of working with what I have and taking action on necessary things like having a brand and logo to go with my services so I decided one of my logos is gonna be a biohazard symbol. Makes perfect sense. I wanna be a little more original with it since biohazard symbols are universal though so mine is gonna have other elements incorporated with it. I also decided one of my logos will be some kind of crown symbol (since Kaiser with an 's' in Germany means Emperor). Still working on perfecting that.

Aside from all of that, I'm continuing to push forward. I gotta continue to get my money up and invest in it to make changes in this world. I believe we can get there, we just have to keep pushing every day. Follow me on all of my social media accounts to help me and stay connected to the movement. Thanks #KaizerStars, you guys mean everything to me. I'll keep you posted.

Something' Wicked This Way Comes... © 2015 Kaizer Hazard Photography. All rights reserved.

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