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You have no idea how much opposition we're facing right now. It's all surfacing. The hate, the love, the anger, the resentment, the adorance. Kaizer World, follow me into the light and aura of Kaizer's love; the passion of my fire. They wanna knock us down, break us up, take our crown. We gotta do this and do this like we're in sound. We're doing it. We're here. And yo... they don't like that. Like, they really just don't. Let's give them everything we got Kaizer World. I can't wait to unite with you. Remember, we're in this together. You'll hear my trill rhymes on the New York City trains, if you catch me, don't lose it, just smile and keep your cool. You'll catch me at open mics tearing it up, doing my best to keep my energy high despite the black waves of negative energy they'll send me to numb me and keep me sluggish. We won't stop this, we won't give up. Just keep your head held high for me, and I'll keep my held high for you. This is a time of breaking through suffering. Please know this, and keep your hearts with me. My heart is always with you. Thank you for time, Kaizer World, catch you later. ...Push.

#Captured (Kaizer Hazard Photography)
A photo I took that reminds me of an eerie dream I had. I was having a lot of vivid dreams around the time one of my friends (Seth) committed suicide.. (Kaizer Hazard Photography)

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