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We're Getting Closer

Kaizer World! I have an announcement.

...So we've been rising. Things have been looking up for us, and the fog is finally beginning to clear. A lot of people, especially those who are angry in life are beginning to reveal themselves. What we're going to do though, Kaizer World, is stay focused on the positive. We've worked hard, and we've pushed through pain and hardship like a slave, like a lion looking for his pack, continuing to script the page, through rage. I've worked with producers, engineers and other artists, all who have helped Kaizer World persevere. Right now, we're staying focused on pushing through despite the hate that's beginning to surface. I want to take this moment and opportunity to ask my supporters to please start standing up. Kaizer World needs your help and support during these crucial moments where "they" are quietly plotting to overthrow us and tear us down. We didn't work this hard and push through this far to be stopped. This is it. This is a lot to take in, even for me, but I want this more badly than I want to breathe. This is my dream. This is our dream, and I want us to live in it - all of us, as one. So to all of Kaizer World, I just want to ask you to please, stand up, do what you can to help Kaizer World grow and to have it's light recognized for what it is, and please start supporting us so that we can continue to take over and not only move towards success, but to spread it.

Thank you Kaizer World,

- Kaizer Hazard

Kaizer Hazard Photography
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