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Enough "They" Talk (For Now)

Shout out to everyone on the NYC trains that like my rapping and singing. We not gon stop. They want us to stop, but that's not happening. Even when we tell them the adversities we're rising above, their envy is so real that the only thing on their minds is to kick us and tear us down. But we're so far ahead of the game, that at this point, we're not even acknowledging them.

Bullet-speed (Kaizer Hazard Photography)

I made this post because I want to thank Kaizer World for the support, for the love, and for just being a part of all of this. You guys mean more to me than I can ever express, and I have a lot planned for you all. Kaizer World is special to me. I want anyone and everyone who vibes with Kaizer World to know that when you're with us, you're taken care of in a unique and special way. I have a lot of personal songs, art, stories and more just for you. You don't even have any idea. It might be a Taurus thing - we look out for those closest to us in the realest way.

#KaizerHazard (Kaizer Hazard Photography)

Just to keep you guys updated, right now I'm working on securing the bag (shout out DJ Khaled), so I'm kind of forced to put some of the songs and projects I'm working on on hold. So if you were wondering why I don't seem like I'm keeping you guys updated and in tune with my life and everything as much on my social media pages, that's why. I'm very sorry. Right now is a crucial time for me as well as for Kaizer World. I have to focus on finding a place to live because my family, friends, and acquaintances don't believe in me or Kaizer World. But it's aiight, cuz I believe. I believe in me, and I believe in you. We won't stop. You gotta believe in something, because if you don't, what are you here for, you feel me? Kaizer World is not here to be bitched out by anyone or anything, never forget that. We're gonna work our asses off, even if it means being neglected, rejected and spit on by others. We lions, we roar and send shivers down their spine, even when they're mad, or they're bored. So just know that even tho the music, the art and the updates have been temporarily halted, we're in the process of expanding and are in no way whatsoever stopping. We gotta get the paper up in order to do this and continue looking for other lions who are going to help us. The fuck boys don't want to help us, so we're gonna continue putting the hinges in their hands and looking for ways to override the resistance. I have so many projects that were so close to being finished and released, but you know, I'm not even gonna mention them. Much love and many blessings to Kaizer World once again, and thank you for being here with me. It's been almost 6 years since we started, and this is only just the beginning. Never give up, we gon rise.

"The Illest" (Kaizer Hazard Photography)

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