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Welcome Kaizer World. This is where all of Kaizer World gets together to rise above"they". It's also a place where you join me on my journey towards success and enlightenment. We all uplift each other here and look out for one another, you feel me? That's how it's gotta be, especially in this cold world and these dark times that seem to be creeping up on us. We knew this instinctively since kids, but growing up in a world where things within it can cause us to become sporadic in a multitude of ways, it's easy to forget and lose sight of this. Kaizer World exists as a reminder to never forget this. Never forget your inner child. Never let that which uplifts your heart go, no matter what it may be. So welcome again, and thank you for being a part of my life, it means everything to me. #KaizerWorld, they mad. But we gon rise. What we had to go through to get here is unfathomable. Let's continue. Watch out for posts where I start talking about different experiences I had to go through from childhood up until now. This entire rise is prophetic, and they just don't get it. They don't know. Let's show them.

Illmatic XX autographed by Nas / gemstones / Jesus carving (journey towards enlightenment) [Kaizer Hazard Photography]

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