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"They" Try To Latch On Like Leeches

Special Announcement To All Empaths:

They try to suck your energy by any and every means necessary. It's what they live for. Never let your guard down, because the moment you do, they're feasting. They know what makes you tired and try to feed the things in you that drain you. Doing this gives them more opportunity to swoop in and prey on you like a weak animal. Don't be a weak animal. Be a lion. You need to focus on yourself, and they hate that. Whenever you focus on yourself, they start tweaking, twitching, and their world falls apart. The goal is to ground yourself in your own energy, in your own world, in your own vibe, and they'll do any and everything to try and stop you from doing that. So we gon have to fight. Ward them off until the goal has been reached. And then, we conquer. That's when we're taking over. Fight. Not only are we destroying them, we're annihilating them. Overkill. That's our style. And the fight never ends. Get into the habit of warding them off and annihilating them in every single moment of every single day. That's when we become true lions. Key word: Habit. Let's rise. They're merciless lunatics, don't for a second think that when things are calm, they're gone or stopping. They're always plotting, and their attacks are beyond that of a machine gun or a monstrous thunderstorm. Stay grounded in the light at all times. Accepting this is hard, but it's one of the keys in moving towards the light. Without accepting this, you stay held back, no matter how much you try to ground yourself in the light. Acceptance is light. Acceptance is the key to the door which, when opened, is followed by an outpouring of that light which can be seen as a bright ocean of divine bliss.

(Kaizer Hazard Photography)
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