The mission

My mission is to change the world by inspiring and educating people all over the world through my music, art, rapping, image and style. I express and articulate the knowledge and wisdom of the universe and it's laws and (who I call God) through my music, art, rapping, image and style. In doing so, I inspire and motivate people. I also improve people's lives by raising their conscious awareness (or ability to see and understand things in life better) through my music, art, rapping, image and style. My writing abilities play a large role in this as well and I do this in a lot of other ways too such as how I communicate with people, dance, entertain and more. I want to make the world a better place by being an example of the physical expression of what I call God and the universe. Everything I do is meant to be an expression of what I call God and the universe. I want to be like God's light for people in a special way, and a lot of that also includes following the laws of the universe and being an example of doing right, being a good person and being successful, all things which go hand-in-hand with being in alignment with the universe's laws.

What this means:

What this means and most importantly how this benefits you is this:

The light that I put into all of my music, art, my style, my creative endeavors, etc etc will make an imprint on your mind. My light (in all of the places I exude and create it) will inspire, influence, motivate and uplift you in ways that will direct you, expand your knowledge and awareness and in turn improve the quality of your life, enabling you to be happier and healthier mentally, physically, emotionally and etc. The more we can all move towards this better place with ourselves, the more likely we are to care for the planet and improve it. It's like a domino effect of positivity. When we feel good, we do good, then the planet does good, then because the planet is doing better, we feel even better, and we continue to go up towards that cycle of improvement, happiness, and betterment. Just like back in the renaissance era, art and music exploded in such a way where every bit of art and creative endeavor inspired and uplifted humanity towards greater means. I believe now is time for a New Renaissance Era; a New Golden Age. We may have succeeded and failed in the past in cycles, but that was only because we didn't understand our truest potential to rise above that very paradigm in itself. The paradigm that caused us to rise and fall, rise and fall time and time again was due to our failure to create habits in fully understanding ourselves to where can remain in the light in where we stand as a human race. I believe now is the time where we can finally build those habits, and begin understanding ourselves for who we really are and what we really came here to do.

What you can do to help:

What you can do to help me as I continue to create more music, art and etc while getting my style, image and light out there is follow me on all of my social media accounts (especially Instagram and Twitter) where I'll be able to connect with you, spread my message and light and uplift you and the world much more effectively, support me with comments, likes, reshares and etc as much as possible to everyone you know and on all of your social media accounts and donate money to me where you can. I believe in my mission, myself and what my service and light is doing for all of us on this beautiful planet and that's why I don't feel bad asking for your help. Your small help to me is my big help to the entire world! I believe in all of us, and I believe we can all figure out how to make this world a better place in ways we never could have imagined, but first it starts with me; looking at myself, facing my own shadows. Once I can face myself, and heal myself, the world has no choice but to reflect that healing and adjust to it! This is what I learned on my spiritual quest as I sought out moving closer to God (again what I call supreme being) starting at around age 20 in 2013 when I decided I no longer wanted to deal with anxiety using meds like xanax. I wanted a real solution, and I knew that solution went beyond the physical. We still need tangible things to aid in our healing, but we have to find the spiritual, intangible light within us and our minds and touch on that light first in order to extend it to EVERYTHING else that we engage in and use on Earth. I faced a lot of darkness within myself, but my persistence, perseverance and heart kept me going no matter how difficult things got. There were times where I wasn't sure how I could go on living with the pain I endlessly endured, but I didn't give up. The universe has the tendency to reward those who keep going no matter what. As difficult as that might be to grasp, especially in your pain, when you become aware of the reality of this truth, things begin to change in ways you never could have mentally comprehended. THAT is the definition of the supreme being's light and love for us! DON'T GIVE UP! Follow and support me to move closer towards understanding and becoming a part of this freedom! I believe we can all do it if we believe!

Kaizer Stars, let's continue to heal the world together.

- Kaizer Hossain aka Kaizer Hazard (or just Kaizer) 💙


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